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Calcinator (Thermal Process)

Energy-saving equipment through prolonged exposure regeneration flow. Less than 40% fuel consumption achieves high performance of the heat exchanger.


● Return sand charging port is locating on the top of Calcinator so as to feed the sand to the furnace evenly. Charged sand is mixed intensively with burnt sand in the fluidized bed and calcinated rapidly. At the same time, the flammables in the return sand is heated and burned mainly by the sensible heat of the burnt sand in the furnace, generating high heat energy.

● This high heat energy is the necessary and important heat source to supplement the burner system.

● The sand transferred from the fluidized bed to the heat exchanging area has partially includes non-burnt sand, however the secondary burn will be completed perfect calcination while sand is going down through the heat exchanging area.

                                 Molding Process Sand After Reclamation