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Cutters & Grinders

File No.ImageNameMakerModel No.Price
(Japanese YEN)
09-56Hydraulic High Speed Metal Sawing Machine KILSER!MURAHASHI SeisakushoKILSER180 260,000 (JPY)available-1
09-77Duplex Grinder with Dust CollectorYODOGAWA ELECTRIC TOOL MFG.KG-255T 300,000 (JPY)available-1
09-79Bandsaw Luxo 300SHIN NIPPON KOKIL-300
Machine No. WH086"
09-82Small Two-Swords Grinder With Fluorescent LightShowa DenkiSGM Model 30,000 (JPY)available-1
09-085Contour Machine (Cutting machine with welder)YS KokiCUT60099,600 (JPY)available-1
09-87New-Derby Seconds Cutting MachineAOKI KOGYORC-18 500,000 (JPY)available-1
09-96Duplex Grinder 355φUnknownSingle Shaft, Duplex Typesoldout
09-102New! Disk GrinderHitachi Koki Co., Ltd.G-18SHsoldout
09-103Band-Sawing MachineUnknown-------soldout
09-107Duplex Grinder 355φITOTAKE TEKKOSHOK Modelsoldout
09-111Swing GrinderUnknown-------soldout
09-112Duplex Grinder 405φItobu Tekkojo-------soldout
09-113Duplex Grinder 405φItobu Tekkojo-------soldout
09-115Duplex Grinder 355φUnknownDuplex typesoldout
09-116Resin BelterSHIMOMURA DENYUSYA CO., LTD.Resinder SSRS-0741Vsoldout
09-117Barinder MiniKOYAMA. CO. LTD.,AGN-4X-F10-300Usoldout
09-119CutterUnknownUnknown 280,000 (JPY)available-1
09-120Duplex Grinder 355φMIZUHO Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)K modelsoldout
09-122Cutter 400φ 2.2 kwITO JUBEEMotor: TFO (HITACHI)soldout
09-123Belt GrinderHitachi Koki Co., Ltd.BGH-100soldout
09-124Duplex Grinder 355φMIZUHO Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)RDP-355soldout
09-125Grinder 205φ with Dust CollectorHitachi Koki Co., Ltd.GR-21soldout
09-131BarinderKoyamaAGN - 4X - F 10 - 300 Usoldout
22-18Upright Drilling MachineYoshida Tekkoujo Co., Ltd.YUD-540696,000 (JPY)available-1
28-08Band saw for WoodworkMAKITA16 model176,000 (JPY)available-1
28-18Contour MachineUnknown--------116,000 (JPY)available-1
28-19Automatic Whole Planing MachineMATSUOKA TEKKOSHOMG400370,000 (JPY)available-1
28-25Band-Sawing MachineMORITA KIKAI KOGYO-------596,000 (JPY)available-1