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Dust Collector

File No.ImageNameMakerModel No.Price (Japanese YEN)Status
02-72xceed-furnace-07-06-01-272x182500 m3 Air Blower for Dust CollectorSharp-Kogyosho Co., Ltd.NO8HTF-S2
Motor: HITACHI TFO-KK-S1 model
1,100,000 (JPY)available-1
02-087Dust Collector with Deodorizing FunctionAMANOBV-2098, ADS-2000soldout
02-089Ventilator Air BlowerDISA GmbHRGE730,000 (JPY)available-1
02-95OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPulse Jet Dust Collector 900 m3SINTO KOGIO, LTD.UDC-860PS(45) type
02-097SINTO Dusmic Compact Dust CollectorSINTO KOGIO, LTD.EXN-ⅡHBsoldout
02-098SINTO Dusmic NOSSINTO KOGIO, LTD.EXⅡ-400Hsoldout
02-101Small Pulse Jet Dust Collector NEW!SINTO KOGIO, LTD.FXN-ⅡBsoldout
02-103Pulse Jet Dust Collector (40 m3)SINTO KOGIO, LTD.Dusmic: FXN-IVG modelsoldout
02-104Pulse Jet Dust Collector 100m3OMCOCH-30 model
Air blower: TF-3
02-106Dust Collector with Cyclone Separator for Electric furnaceSINTO ECOTECH COMPANYTDC-5MR (081-18) model2,500,000 (JPY)available-1
02-110Dusmic EX-ⅡSINTO DCEX-Ⅱ-750H370,000 (JPY)available-1
02-114Small Dust CollectorUnknownManual Shakingsoldout
02-115Sun Shake ESSINTO Dust CollectorES-S1B1 model (box type)soldout
02-116no-thumbPulse Dust Collector 300 m3, Made in 2000 JAPAN DUST COLLECTOR MFG. CO., LTDABR-150soldout
02-117Pulse Jet Dust Collector 600 m3, Made in 2008AMANO CorporationWRT-10256soldout
02-118Small Dust CollectorYODOGAWA ELECTRIC TOOL MFG.AFN-150496,000 (JPY)available-1
02-119Small Dust CollectorUnknownManual Shaking672,000 (JPY)available-1
02-121Pulse Dust Collector 480m3JAPAN DUST COLLECTOR MFG. CO., LTDABR-240 modelsoldout
02-122SINTO Dusmic (small)SINTO Dust CollectorEX-400H137,000 (JPY)available-1
02-124Compact Dust Collector 40m3RYOUSEI Co.,ltd.RV-553BSsoldout
02-125Pulse Jet Dust Collector 60m3AMANOPi-60soldout
02-126Super Dusmic 40m3SINTO Dust CollectorFXⅢ-2.2PBsoldout
02-127SINTO Dust Tube Collector 40m3SINTO KOGIO, LTD.TDC-3Gsoldout
25-59Large Cleaner (Moveable)RYOUSEIRA-203L model500,000 (JPY)available-1