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Foundry Technical Guidance

technical-supportAfter entering to the 21st century, India has been accomplishing remarkable economic development. And India is expected to be the top country in the economy in the world soon.

We understand all foundries are supporting the economy growth in India. Such as industrial, automobile and infrastructure field are pushing on production amount expansion, production efficiency, quality improvement, reduction of the rejection rate and so on.

Our foundry plant experts are having the high level skills, knowledge and experience of casting producing process in Japan. We are ready to provide the complete production solutions to customers on site.

Quality Control

Controlling the system process to stand in competitive market with the excellent quality.

Quality Management

Directing the organization so that it optimizes its performance through analysis and improvement.

XCEED Engineering Services

● Planning of the basic concept for the green field foundry

● Planning the foundry layout

● Selecting the most suitable equipment from all sources

● Gating system & metallurgical guidance

● Technical guidance for the modernization of the existing system

● Sand system analysis and improvement

● Guidance for the productivity and the quality improvement

● Casting finishing improvement

● Control of the rejection rate

● Employee training in Japanese system