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Fully Automatic Grinding Machine

Model: XTG-35, XTG-50 Made in Japan

“Soft touch grinding improves the work quality” 6-Axes Robot for Grinding (FC / FCV / FCD / BC / AC)

Grinding Machine in the next generation, providing the latest technologies and all the needs of the customers are packaged in an enclosure.


Major Advantages

Supreme Quality Robot

Made in Japan grinding machine carried out with 6 axes highly reliable robot which has been widely adopted in the top major industries, enables to remove various fins on works by single machine along with a indexing work table.

Floating Mechanism

Grinding unit floating device, installed on the robot arm end, grinds all the work perfectly in spite of swelling or shrinkage of the castings and prevents irregular robot stops by the electrical overload on a robot arms.

Optional Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Change, pre-programmed as per the work required, saves the cycle time, contributes the production sequence and improves the defect ratio, choosing the most appropriate grinding tool.

Advanced Working Efficiency

Only the robot system can provide the consistent work with all of dimensional accuracy, good finishing surface quality and output speed by means of the repeatability of the robot functions.

Clean Working Environment

The dust / sound insulation cabinet, considering a worker’s health, simply designed for the easy cleaning and the necessary routine maintenance work, enable to be an operator friendly grinding machine in all ways.

Energy Saving

Since minimizing the number of the motor, the total electric energy consumption has been saved sharply along with low running cost compared to the conventional grinding methods.

Series : XTG-35, XTG-50 Exterior Dimensions :


Specifications XTG-35, XTG-50