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File No.ImageNameMakerModel No.Price
(Japanese YEN)
16-73Ladle DryerYAMANISHIG-06S × 4Psoldout
16-118Ladle With Gear 2.5t UnknownGear is included 500,000 (JPY)available-1
16-121Ductile Processing Ladle 500kgNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.NLG-500 modelsoldout
16-143Ladle with gear 3t NIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.NLG-3000soldout
16-148Ductile Processing Ladle 7tNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.FCD-70001,550,000 (JPY)available-1
16-149Ductile Processing Ladle 500kg SANKO CHUKI Co., LtdFCD-500soldout
16-153FCD Ladle 200kg Unknownsoldout
16-163Hacker LadleUnknownHacker typesoldout
16-168Ductile Processing Ladle 600 kgNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.FCD600soldout
16-170Ductile Processing Ladle 4tNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.FCD-4000 1,100,000 (JPY)available-1
16-171Ductile Processing Ladle 500 kg SANKO CHUKI Co., LtdFCD500soldout
16-173Pouring Ladle 500 kgNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.NLG-500 600,000 (JPY)available-1
16-174Ductile Processing Ladle 1t NIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.FCD-1000soldout
16-176Ladle with 1.5t gearNIPPON Ladle Industries Co., Ltd.NLG-1500soldout
16-177Ladle with 1t gearUnknownGear is includedsoldout