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Sand-Fresher Machine

Sand-Fresher is the innovative casting sand refreshing machine, enabling the no sand collapse and the perfect rounding with the specially designed grinding stones.

sand-fresher-1Sand-Fresher is the most suitable reclamation machine to the characteristics of the Indian sand, grinding and polishing the sand grains with the specially designed grinding stones, not using the friction / impact force created by the pneumatic air flow nor the centrifugal force colliding the sand against the iron wall. Low speed rotation (10 to 14 rpm) finned drum has been installed outside of the high speed rotation grinding stones. Outside drum fins have adjustable slide gates which can adjust the sand flowing volume between the grinding stone and gates. During the sand is flowing through the gap, sand grains contact with the grinding stone surface and are polished like rotating balls. Accordingly, ideal spherical shape can be furnished by removing the angular areas on the sand grain surface.

As the grinding time and the rotation speed are adjustable, the best quality ground sand is available economically, just meeting to the customer’s needs.

Available sand for reclamation

Chromite Sand, Furan Sand, Ceramic Beads, Green Sand, α-set Sand, β-set Sand, CO2 Sand, Shell Coated Sand, Cold Box Sand, Alkaline Phenolic Sand, Dicalcium Sand, Calcinated Sand, VRH Sand etc.

Innovative 9 major features

sand-fresherinside1. Sand Reclamation and Shape Improvement are achieved by Grinding Stone
The high speed rotating drum and the lower speed rotating finned drum mechanism. Sand flows between the slide gates installed on all fins and grinding stone during the process.
2. Less Vibration and Noise
Simultaneous sand particle grinding and rectification of the uneven wear on the grinding stones surface.
3. Adjusting the drum rotation speed accommodating to the sand characteristics
Applying the best conditions matching to the sand grain hardness, destructiveness to prevent the grain collapse.
4. Adjusting the refreshing duration to draw the best reclamation ability
Reclamation duration is adjustable, depending on the type of casting process and the sand contamination degree, to obtain the best quality sand economically.
5. Sand cooling is available during reclamation.
6. The static electricity generated during the reclamation process can be eliminated due to the special structural advantage of the machine.
7. The initial machine cost is inexpensive and easy layout in the other existing equipment is available.
8. Running cost of Sand-Fresher is extremely inexpensive.
9. Grinding and reclaiming of the very spherical artificial sand is available.

                 before_grinding_sand        after_grinding_sand